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Perfect portable size for pockets and purses! 

Perfect homemade gifts for your family and friends!

Our jars have a solid feel, using these jars will let your product look more professional and attractive.


20ml jar can hold water 0.7 ounce/1.4 tablespoon/20ml/20g
can hold mineral foundation 6.7g
can hold setting powder 5.3g


Dimensions: approx. 50 mm diameter and 21.5 mm height


Clear Base Jar with a screw top lid

The lid is very secure so there will be no leakage

Crystal clear jar made from commercial grade Polystyrene Plastic

Great travel pot

Perfect size for mineral makeup powder, samples, balms, glosses, body butter, solid perfume, ointments, pills, crafts, glitters, gems...



We have heat shrink bands for these jars - Size 10

Oue shrink bands are made exclusively for the 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 ml jars that JTshop is selling.


BUY NOW: Clear Plastic PERFORATED Heat Shrink Bands for Jar/Bottle Caps

20ml THICK WALL Clear Plastic Jar with Black Rimmed Lid - no Sifter

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