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MINERAL SETTING POWDER Finishing Veil - All Natural Vegan




Ingredients: Mica, Aloe Vera 

Exclusively sold at JTshop at deeply discounted price



Key Benefits

    * Extends the life of foundation throughout the day, supplies a smudge resistance   

    * Translucent matte finish, light silky loose powder aids in oil absorption. Enhances               skin's healthy appearance

    * 3 in 1 Multifun­ction: Setting Powder, Finishing Powder and Face Powder. Completely              blendable. Simple and brilliant formula gives you all the control you need in one!       

    * 100% Natural Vegan Powder for all skin types. Chemical free, oil free, bismuth                      oxychloride free, parabens free   

    * Combining only Mica and Aloe Vera Powder, which are MASTERS at helping SET your              makeup


How good is it?

JTshop Setting Powder is for all skin shades. It is translucent, so when applied to face after your foundation, it won't change your skin tone.

It helps your foundation to last longer while providing oil absorbing properties. If you want to have flawless coverage that is long lasting and doesn't 'slide' off your face before the end of the day, this setting powder is for you.

It gives your face a silky smooth surface feel and lovely mattified luminous glow. Can be used as a Finishing Powder or alone as a Face Powder.

A must-have versatile powder - handy and skin friendly. It is so fine, soft and absorbent, bye-bye oily shine!

Makeup Techniques

Apply over face after your foundation. Apply a small amount to your brush and spread evenly over your entire face in outward motions making sure to blend. Can also be used alone. 


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Manufactured in the USA, under strict FDA and cGMP Standards.

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8 gram full size                             

Retail Value £14.90

Discounted Price only £9.20

                            REFILL only £6.89



4 gram mid size

Retail Value £7.47

Discounted Price only £5.20

                             REFILL only £4.30


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