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Empty Lip Balm Tubes

White/Clear/Black/Silver polyethylene tubes with matching caps .15 oz

          for your handcrafted lip balm, body balm, body butter,              

 solid perfume and more!

Dimensions: 16 mm diameter and 67 mm height

Each tube will hold approximately .15 oz. of lip balm

0.15 oz is approx. 4.25 grams

Twist-up turning wheel mechanism (propel/repel) base

 allows for your product to be cleanly and evenly dispensed.

Maximum filling temperate is approx. 120˚F

 *Filling with a solution too warm may damage the mechanisms.

* Do not adjust prior to filling! Pre-fill adjustments of the propel-repel mechanism can cause failure to advance product correctly after filling.

A perfect portable size for pockets and purses!

  Made from commercial grade Polystyrene Plastic


5 Lip Balm Tubes for only £2.98

10 Lip Balm Tubes for only £4.49

50 Lip Balm Tubes for only £21.87

100 Lip Balm Tubes for only £40.98


SHRINK BAND NOTE: We have shrink bands for these lip balm tubes. They are made exclusively for these tubes - Size 1) 30 x 65mm.

See the Shrink Bands here 

Choose from 32 combinations

Cap colour: white, clear, black, silver, pink, orange, green, blue

Tube colour: white, clear, black, silver











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