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15a) 126 x 75 Fits (71-77)mm Diameter 1000 Clear PERFORATED Shrink Bands (Tall/Long Neck)


*When heat is applied, these bands can be shrunk over a lid and container to create a tamper-evident plastic seal

*Add a final professional touch to your product, help to keep your product in a sellable condition

*Thickness: 0.04mm, vertical perforated to aid removal

*Made of PETG, comply with the requirement of environmental protection

*Heat gun shrinks these bands fast and efficiently (Hair dryer barely works)

*Please CHECK YOUR CAP DIAMETER before you order

Click here for Shrink Band Measurement Guidelines  

How To Use

1. slide shrink band over the cap of the container until it rests in place

2. carefully apply heat with a heat gun (hair dryer barely works)

3. move heat source around to ensure the band has been shrunk to a tight fit

It probably won't be perfect the first time, it can sometimes take a few attempts to get the hang of it.


The band must be torn and removed to open the container, once the band has been removed it cannot be reapplied. Shrink bands provide a fast and easy way to offer your customers a tamper evident product.

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